UgCS True Terrain Following feature for DJI drones

Allows the drone to follow the terrain with very high precision at low altitude using an altimeter sensor - True Terrain Following.

Consists of:

  • software,
  • radar or laser altimeter,
  • all necessary mountings and cables.

Requires UgCS SkyHub on-board computer and UgCS ground control software.

For new customers, it is recommended to order a combo consisting of software, hardware, and training.

Supports DJI:

  • M300 RTK
  • M600Pro/M600
  • A3
  • M210/M210 V2/M210 V2 RTK.

Download datasheet.

HS Code: 90151000 (rangefinders)

Nanoradar NRA24 FCC ID: 2A6WU-NRA24 

Note about altimeters:

True Terrain Following (TTF) feature supports radar (Nanoradar NRA24) and laser (Lightware SF30/D) altimeters.

The main benefit of radar altimeter: it works in ANY conditions like bright sun, fog, snow, rain, and over any type of surface. But NRA24 uses frequency 24Ghz, and not in all countries that frequency is allowed for distance sensors.

It is the customer's responsibility to check the possibility to use a 24Ghz altimeter in a particular country.

Laser altimeter: can be used in any country, but works not so reliable in diverse environmental conditions and over high-reflective surfaces like water, ice, snow, and sand (under the bright sun). 

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