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UgCS PRO perpetual
UgCS PRO license is designed with professional drone pilots and service providers in mind. It features all the main features of UgCS listed below with the exception of LiDAR flight planning tools (available in UgCS EXPERT) and video streaming & multi-node deployment (available in UgCS ENTERPRISE).
3,950.00 lei 3950.0 RON
UgCS EXPERT perpetual
UgCS EXPERT license is designed for professional drone pilots flying with LiDAR sensors. It comes with all the features of UgCS PRO as well as the new toolset for LiDAR surveys.
7,450.00 lei 7450.0 RON
UgCS ENTERPRISE unlocks the full capability of UgCS, including all the features of UgCS PRO and EXPERT with the addition of UgCS ENTERPRISE exclusive features such as multi-node deployment and live video streaming.
10,950.00 lei 10950.0 RON
UgCS software package for GPR
Software package for GPR integration.
Includes firmware for SkyHub on-board computer and companion application for UgCS.
Supports Radar Systems (Zond Aero and Zond-12e) and Radarteam (Cobra Plug-In and Cobra CBD) GPR systems.
Requires UgCS SkyHub and UgCS license.
13,125.00 lei 13125.0 RON
UgCS software package for echo sounder
Software package to support single and dual-frequency echo sounders.
Includes firmware for UgCS SkyHub on-board computer and companion application for UgCS.
Supported echo sounders:

EchoLogger ECT 400 (single-frequency)
EchoLogger ECT D052 (dual-frequency)
EchoLogger ECT D032 (dual-frequency)
15,620.00 lei 15620.0 RON
Eye4Software B.V. Hydromagic Survey
Computer bound license (two computers maximum).

Hydromagic Survey is a professional hydrographic survey package, which can be used to map depth areas using an echo sounder.

The software is very affordable and the learning curve is very short. You can start creating your first sounding within a single day.
10,705.00 lei 10705.0 RON
UgCS software package for Methane detector
Software package for Methane detector integration.

Includes firmware for SkyHub on-board computer and companion application for UgCS.

Supports Laser Falcon and Pergam LMC detectors.

Requires UgCS SkyHub and UgCS license.
8,925.00 lei 8925.0 RON
LMC Process software license
The LMC Process software is intended to process the data files created with the Laser Falcon and Pergam LMC methane detectors.

Data processing it simple and straightforward: open the data file created on SkyHub onboard computer and you will see measurements graph, list of detected leaks and map.
8,030.00 lei 8030.0 RON
LIDAR360 Framework - basic LIDAR360 license
The LiDAR360 Framework lays the foundation for the entire software suite. With TB-level processing power, the Framework contains tools required for effectively interacting and manipulating LiDAR point cloud data. Functions include data management, automatic strip alignment, and point cloud classification.

It also allows users to upgrade to application-specific modules such as terrain, ALS/ TLS Forestry, and Mining.

In the latest version 5.0, the powerline module is added to LiDAR360. Users can conduct professional analysis on powerline data, such as classification, danger point detection, and so on.
13,995.00 lei 13995.0 RON
LIDAR360 Terrain Module license
Generating Terrain Models using LiDAR360.

License unlocks group of functions to classify ground points and generate DSM/DTM models.
7,693.05 lei 7693.05 RON
LIDAR360 Forestry license
Leverage LiDAR360 processing software to generate geospatial products from mobile, terrestrial, UAV or airborne systems that meet critical needs of foresters.

LIDAR360 Forestry license unlocks two modules: ALS Forest and TLS Forest.

ALS Forest is to support aerial (both UAV and airborne) LiDAR data for forestry applications. Functions include: Statistical Parameter Extraction, Regression Analysis, Individual Tree Segmentation, Batch Processing, Reporting.

TLS Forest module is specifically for terrestrial LiDAR scans, including methods for ground point classification, segmenting individual trees from a LiDAR scan by identifying tree trunks, editing individual tree properties, editing individual tree, etc.
7,693.05 lei 7693.05 RON
SENSYS MAGNETO® data processing software
SENSYS MAGNETO® is a software for the comprehensive analysis and interpretation of data gathered using MagDrone R3 and MagDrone R4 magnetometers.

MAGNETO® allows the calculation of position and size of suspicious objects such as UXO (UnXploded Ordnance).
27,050.00 lei 27050.0 RON
TOPODRONE LiDAR Post Processing Perpetual License
TOPODRONE Post Processing is the most powerful & affordable post processing software at the market.

It was designed for advanced GNSS data post processing, image geo-tagging and LIDAR points cloud generation, supports full range of TOPODRONE PPK & LIDAR systems, DJI Phantom 4RTK, DJI P1, AUTEL EVO II PRO RTK as well as any kind of coordinate systems and GEOIDs.

Software includes the following modules:
PPK for GNSS data postprocessing & images geotagging for TOPODRONE PPK equipment
RTK post processing & images geotagging for DJI Phantom 4 RTK drones, Autel Evo II Pro RTK, DJI Zenmuse P1 camera
LIDAR Post Processing to calculate precise trajectory of LIDAR equipment based on GNSS and IMU data
LIDAR Point Cloud Generation to create high precision georeferenced point cloud captured by VELODYNE PUCK, ULTRA PUCK, HDL 32, LIVOX AVIA sensors
Static PP - for Static post processing, calculates precise coordinates of the point using base station Rinex file by one vector, and performs mutual alignment of wireframe network.
PPP - Precise Point Positioning to calculate point coordinates in ITRF2014 or any coordinate system.
GNSS data archive allows to download static rinex data from base stations all over the world
Coordinates converter and more
25,695.00 lei 25695.0 RON
UgCS Mapper
UgCS Mapper is an affordable lightweight drone image and video processing software by SPH Engineering to create 2D maps and elevation models.
2,450.00 lei 2450.0 RON
UgCS Mapper support pack
Annual support and update pack for UgCS Mapper.

Provide access to any technical inquiries regarding Mapper through as well as access to new versions.
500.00 lei 500.0 RON
UgCS Mapper monthly subscription
UgCS Mapper is an affordable lightweight drone image and video processing software by SPH Engineering to create 2D maps and elevation models.
250.00 lei 250.0 RON